Adult Disposable Mouthpieces - Bags of 100 with 1-way Valve (MPV-1)


Enjoy great pricing on our 1-way Valve Adult Disposable Mouthpieces! Our mouthpieces fit most Peak Flow Meters and Spirometers without requiring an adapter. Each bag contains 100 disposable mouthpieces, OD 1.188" For higher quantity pricing, please call us at 800-843-6226.  Call for a free sample!

 KW-Med disposable mouthpieces fit the following peak flow meters and spirometers without requiring and adapter:

Mini Wright PFM-standard and low-range, MicroPeak PFM, Pocket PFM, Assess PFM, Truzone PFM, Koko PFM and Spirometers, Spiro-Flow PFM, Circadian Model 29-7000, AsmaPLAN PFM and Spirometers, Breon adult PFM, PS600/VS400/PB900L, Keystone Pulmok-Screen

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