Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter

First introduced in the 1970's by Dr. B. M. Wright, the Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter has been the first choice of healthcare professionals worldwide for measuring peak expiratory flow. International, independent testing has proven that both the Mini-Wright and the Mini-Wright ATS are the most accurate peak flow meters available. The Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter is still the first choice of healthcare professionals in the world who are wanting to measure PEF. All meters are individually calibrated by hand to ensure consistent accuracy and reproducibility. 

The Gold Standard

The Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter is the internationally recognized "Gold Standard" in peak flow measurement and exceeds the NAEPP Guidelines for Performance. Since asthma conditions can sometimes change slowly over the course of time, using your peak flow meter on a daily basis can become an important tool and may show changes in your breathing before you even feel them. The Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter measures the speed at which air is exhaled from your lungs, giving you a measurement of how well your airways are working. It has a clear, easy to read scale which measures from 30 to 400 liters per minute (low range) and from 60 - 850 liters per minute (standard range). It's also light weight, compact, latex free and can be sterilized. 

For Children and Adults

The Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter is available in the Standard Range (recommended for those 6 and above) and the Low Range, which is a smaller diameter body, making it easier to use for children and the elderly.


1-Way Valve Disposable Mouthpieces

Our mouthpieces fit most Peak Flow Meters and Spirometers without requiring an adapter. Call for a free sample or click on the Disposable Mouthpiece tab to place an order!